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Vid Institutionen för medicinsk cellbiologi bedrivs forskning och forskarutbildning inom cellbiologi och fysiologi inriktad mot diabetes, njurfunktion, inflammation, kärlbildning och cellsignalering. Vi undervisar dessutom studenter inom en rad olika utbildningsprogram och fristående kurser i anatomi, cellbiologi, fysiologi och histologi.

Ongoing Research Projects

Single molecule imaging in live cells Autocrine feedback signalling in β-cells
Role of Tyrosine Kinases in ß-cell Apoptosis and Diabetes Islet transplantation and ß-Cell regenerative medicine
Cellular architecture and organelle-organelle communication Physiology of pancreatic islet hormone secretion
Kidney function
and hypertension
The juxtaglomerular apparatus is a critical regulator of glomerular filtration rate, fluid excretion and renin relase, factors that determine blood pressure. Gastro-intestinal protection mechanisms
Involvement of leukocytes in revascularization and engraftment of transplanted islets Diabetic nephropaty and uremic toxins
Non-invasive imaging of kidney function Leukocyte recruitment to inflammation and hypoxia
Maternal diabetes and
cogenital malformations
Maternal obesity and congenital maldevelopment
Optogenetic control of lipids Focal blue-light illumination (circle) induces local recruitment of a lipid phosphatase (green) to the plasma membrane, resulting in specific loss of its target lipid (red) Organelle dynamics and function
Membrane topography and diffusion Colocalisation Analysis Colocalisation
SHB in tumor biology T cell
Ordered plasma membrane domains in T cell signalling
Developing new methods to study cell behavior Studies on the transmission of amyloid
Functional blood flow restoration following ischemia Amyloid
and type 2 diabetes
Oxygenated Beta-Air device for treatment in type 1 diabetes

Role of ROS producing NOX in β-cell dysfunction

Immune cells in diabetes



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