Faculty of Medicine supports Ilkka Pietilä


Ilkka Pietilä has received funding for two years post-doc from Faculty of Medicine, UU. Ilkka's research will deal with "Endothelial cell derived Shb in angiogenesis and hematopoiesis

The target of the study is to reveal the importance of endothelial cell-derived Shb in angiogenesis and several pathological processes, such as tumor metastasis. Given the critical role for VEGF/Shb/FAK signaling in angiogenesis we address the mechanism of how VEGF/FAK signal transduction is disturbed when the adapter protein Shb is conditionally deleted from the endothelial cells. This knowledge is essential for finding low-molecular weight inhibitors of SHB function that could serve a role in treatment of malignant and cardiovascular diseases.