Research and project connections at MCB

The figure below illustrates schematically current research at MCB. For more detailed information about specific research projects please click on the figure or on the links to the left.

Up-coming dissertations:

Quality and Renewal - KoF

The final report of the enhancement-led research evaluation "Quality and Renewal 2017, Q&R17" (in Swedish, Kvalitet och förnyelse, KoF17), carried out at Uppsala University between February 2016 and October 2017. Download the KoF17 report

In 2010-2011 a new overall international evaluation was undertaken "Quality and Renewal 2011 (KoF11).
Download the KoF11 report

Separate appendix 1 to KoF11: "Bibliometric analysis of Uppsala University 2007-2010 using the national Norwegian model for research performance"

Additional appendix to KoF11:
"Appendix II to 'Bibliometric Analysis of Uppsala University 2007-2010'"

An overall international evaluation of research at  Uppsala University, called "Quality and Renewal 2007" (KoF07), was carried out in 2006-2007.
Download the KoF07 report