Research and project connections at MCB

The figure below illustrates schematically current research at MCB. At the interfaces between diabetes, kidney and inflammation research new sub-areas have arisen as illustrated by the reddish boxes. For more detailed information about specific research projects please click on the figure or on the links to the left




Up-coming dissertations:

Quality and Renewal - KoF

An overall international evaluation of research at Uppsala University, called "Quality and Renewal 2007" (KoF07), was carried out in 2006-2007.
Download the KoF07 report

In 2010-2011 a new overall international evaluation was undertaken "Quality and Renewal 2011 (KoF11).
Download the KoF11 report

Separate appendix 1 to KoF11: "Bibliometric analysis of Uppsala University 2007-2010 using the national Norwegian model for research performance"

Additional appendix to KoF11:
"Appendix II to 'Bibliometric Analysis of Uppsala University 2007-2010'"