Ingela Parmryd

The functional organisation of the T cell plasma membrane

The plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells contains nanodomains, commonly referred to as lipid rafts, where the lipids are more tightly packed (ordered) than in the rest of the plasma membrane. Domains of different order help segregating molecules and are important for processes like membrane tubulation, signal transduction and infection. In model membranes lateral lipid-lipid interactions are sufficient for the formation of ordered domains. In contrast, we have demonstrated that in cells ordered domains form when actin filaments are pinned to the plasma membrane via phosphoinositides and when outer leaflet receptors are pinned by antibodies, suggesting that the mechanism for order domain formation involves both lipid-protein interactions and interleaflet lipid communication. We are interested in the involvement of ordered plasma membrane domains in signal transduction both in αβ T cells that recognise antigens presented by MHCs and in γ9δ2 T cells that do not. We are also interested in membrane topography. The development of image analysis tools is integrated into our research.

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