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Michael Hultström

Our lab focus on translational aspects of acute and chronic kidney damage, and have a particular interest in the role of interactions between renal and cardiovascular function in the clinic as well as in the lab. Current projects span from the role of the kidney in the genetic regulation of blood pressure to gene expression in acute kidney injury, and on to both clinical and epidemiological studies in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine.

Ongoing Projects...

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Michael Hultström

Financial support

Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF)


Marcus Borgströms Stiftelse


within the Department of Medical Cell Biology:

  • Fredrik Palm
  • Lina Nordqvist
  • Peter Hansell
  • Ulf Eriksson

outside the Department of Medical Cell Biology:

  • Daniela Patinha, University of Bristol, England.
  • Enyin Lai, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.
  • Jyrki Tenhunen, Uppsala university.
  • Kristofer Rubin, Uppsala university. 
  • Martin McBride, University of Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Michael Fähling, Alex Paliege, Andreas Patzak, Charité, Berlin, Germany.
  • Miklós Lipcsey, Uppsala university.
  • Per Liss, Uppsala university.
  • Renjun Wang, Jilin Normal University, China.
  • Robert Frithiof, Uppsala universitet.
  • Rolf Reed, Olav Tenstad, Hans-Peter Marti Univeristetet i Bergen, Norway.
  • Stefan Nilsson, Umeå universitet.
  • Will Cupples, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Wojciech Weigl, Uppsala university