Overview of department activity

The Department of Medical Cell Biology consists of sections for Medical Cell Biology and Integrative Physiology, and is located at Uppsala University Biomedical Centre.

The department has currently 21 senior investigators at the level of professor/associate professor, 7 teachers with PhD, 39 post-docs, 32 graduate students, 14 technical staff and 6 administrative staff. In addition, 7 emeriti professors and a variable number of visiting scientists and project students work in the department.

The annual budget is about 105 million SEK.

The department is unusual in the sense that most groups are involved in research on different facets of blood sugar regulation and diabetes. Aspects that are investigated include release mechanisms for blood glucose-regulation hormones, mechanisms underlying the development of juvenile and maturity onset diabetes, means to prevent the occurrence and progression of diabetes, treatment of diabetes with transplantation of pancreatic islets, use of stem cells in diabetes treatment, causes of malformations in diabetes pregnancies and mechanisms underlying development of kidney damage in diabetes. Other research areas closely affiliated with these diabetes projects concerns the role of the kidney in blood pressure regulation, angiogenesis of importance both for transplantation and tumour growth and research on inflammation in the gut and mechanisms for recruitment of leucocytes to sites of inflammation.

The department is responsible for teaching anatomy, histology, cell biology and physiology to medical students, pharmacists, students of biomedical sciences, nurses, technicians, dieticians, dispensers and provides different courses outside these professional programs.

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