MCB grants

Announcement of Start up research grants

Release date: 2019-06-19

The department of Medical Cell Biology (MCB) announces availability of one or several one-year research grants for investigators. The grants are 200,000-600,000 SEK each and can be used only for research at the MCB. It is required that the applicants have joined the MCB within the last 12 months from the grant announcement release date, or are about to join the MCB. Prior to joining the MCB the applicants must have completed a post-doc period (>1 year) outside Uppsala University and preferably outside of Sweden. The applicants should have external financing of their own salaries for an upcoming period of at least one year after September 1, 2019. The grant will be issued in 6-month periods for which the applicant needs to show that financial support for own salary exists. The grants can be used for stipends, laboratory costs and equipment, but not own salary. Applications must include a short research program (up to 4 pages) and a CV, and should be sent to not later than Sept 1, 2019.