PhD students at MCB

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PhD studies at MCB

We welcome you as a postgraduate student to the Department of Medical Cell Biology at Uppsala University.

The information you will find under the tab ‘PhD studies’ is both general and department-specific and we hope that you will find the information useful.

Today there are almost 30 PhD students at the department and most of them you will interact with in connection to Brainpub seminars, research, and/or teaching activities.

PhD students organize independently a PhD day where you yourself decide the content while the department financially supports it. It is up to everyone to come up with suggestions for the content. This activity render credits. More information can be found on the left side under ‘Credit Requirements’.

We ask everyone to compile a description of yourself and your project including the relevant methodology. This information can be accessed on the left side under ‘Research Projects’

For the page to work, we rely on ideas from you. Therefore, if there is something you wonder about or would like to inform the others, please send an email to Gunilla Westermark

Up-coming dissertations