PhD students at MCB

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As a PhD-student most of your PhD-studies will be research related activities, including article and thesis writing, but in addition you also need to obtain a certain number of credits from compulsory and non-compulsory courses, international conference or meeting presentations, seminar series or from research visits at other universities.

The following text describes in broad terms what you need to know and do, to obtain credits, and to get these registered in the University’s study documentation system “Uppdok”. More extended information regarding rules and guidelines for PhD-studies can be found on the web site of the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy:

The staffs of the department that are responsible for decisions and administration regarding PhD-studies are:

The Director of Studies for PhD-students:
prof. Gunilla T Westermark

Decisions about credits for courses, conferences, meetings, research visits to other universities, and that you fulfil the requirements for licentiate seminar or doctor degree defence.

The PhD-student administrator:
Björn Åkerblom

To whom you should present your courses/conferences/meeting diplomas and certificates. Performs check up on your papers originality. After approval from Director of Studies for PhD-students, or your principal supervisor, or examiner (depending on what you wish to get credits for), reports your credits into Uppdok. In addition, the administrator keeps track of each PhD-student’s research activity and reports this into Uppdok.

Your Principal Supervisor

Decisions on credits for conferences and meetings, and transfer of credits for undergraduate courses.

Your Examiner: your examiner according to your study plan.

Decisions on credit transfers for undergraduate courses.

IMPORTANT: You should regularly submit your certificates for courses and other research training components to the PhD-student administrator, at least once every semester (provided that you have something to report). Failure to do this may unnecessarily delay your application for licentiate seminar or doctor defence, at your own expense.

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