Johan Kreuger

In the research program Cell Analysis Tools we develop and apply radically new methods to study the behavior of living cells in response to different drug treatments or stimuli.

Examples of techniques developed by the lab and our collaborators are techniques that allow for the study of eukaryotic cell behavior in response to gradients of growth factors and signaling cues, rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing, and methods for detailed imaging of cell-cell interactions in tailor made cell clusters or directly in tissues in order to gain a deeper understanding of how cells function in health and disease.

Several of our techniques are available as commercial products or are being commercialized through spin-off companies.

We are dedicated to develop new tools for cell analyses and to help implement the new tools and methods both in academic research and in the health care sector.

Recent directions in the lab include development of methods using 3D printing for drug screening to identify compounds with anticancer activity, and development of new methods for bioprinting of tissue constructs for research applications, but also in the long run for applications within regenerative medicine and transplantation medicine.

We are actively involved in the VINNOVA-funded Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences Competence Centre, and we also run the 3D-printing facility U-PRINT at Uppsala University, which also is a local SciLifeLab pilot facility for 3D-printing and bioprinting. We are also part of the BioTrib ETN project.

We strive to attract students, researchers and collaborators that have a passion for interdisciplinary and translational research in the fields of cell biology, 3D printing/bioprinting, drug screening and diagnostics, and you are very welcome to contact Associate Prof. Johan Kreuger (team leader) if you are interested in starting a collaboration, doing a project, or joining our team.

Johan Kreuger

Professor at Department of Medical Cell Biology, Research group Johan Kreuger

+4618-471 4079

Head of department at Department of Medical Cell Biology

Last modified: 2022-03-01