MCB PI-meetings

PI-meetings are seminars during which principal investigators, active both within and outside the Department of Medical Cell Biology, present research projects and novel hypotheses to each other, with the aim to identify new collaborations and synergistic efforts that in the long run will improve the quality and impact of research.

PI-meetings at the Department of Medical Cell Biology:

May 27, 2016  Michael Welsh MCB  Uppsala University
Feb 22, 2016  Peter Bergsten MCB  Uppsala University
Dec 3, 2015  Patric Jern IMBIM  Uppsala University
Oct 1, 2015  Sebastian Barg MCB  Uppsala University
Jun 2, 2015  Fredrik Palm MCB  Uppsala University
Feb 13, 2015  Per Gerwins MCB  Uppsala University
Dec 11, 2014  Michael Hultström MCB  Uppsala University
Nov 7, 2014  Olof Idevall MCB  Uppsala University
Sep 30, 2014  Erik Ingelsson MCB  Uppsala University