U-PRINT is specialised in designing and 3D-printing custom components and functional prototypes. Based on your needs U-PRINT can:

  • Design custom components for your application
  • Transform your already existing designs into 3D-printable CAD files
  • 3D-print pieces from your existing CAD files

Some examples of pieces we have produced are: anatomical models for surgery planning, protein structures, molds for microfluidic assays, tools for bacterial culture, tools for live imaging, connectors, manifolds, etc..

We typically produce components in polymers (both thermoplastic and thermoset), we can also 3D-print composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymers. We have machines that can combine different materials into a single component if you have need of such components. We can 3D-print aluminium oxide-polymer composites that can be sintered to yield fully ceramic alumina parts.

If you want 3D-print something or if you want us to design custom components for you, please email us.

Design rules for 3D-printing

If you are designing your own components please read through the design rules below. These values are somewhat conservative but will give your part a higher change of success. These rules can be pushed so if your design is more challenging contact us to see if it is feasible with any of our machines.

Bild över regler för design inom 3D-printing


U-PRINT hosts the standalone PhD and Master-course called “3D-Printing and Bioprinting In the Lifesciences” during the fall each year. During this course you get to learn how to use CAD software as well as getting hands on experience with different 3D-printing technologies. Please see links to the PhD-and master student course below.

We can also host seminars at your department showing the value of additive manufacturing within the life sciences.

If you want to start designing parts and components for yourself, we recommend using the CAD software Autodesk Fusion 360, which is available for free to users within the university. There are very good tutorials and guides to get going, available on Youtube as well as on the Autodesk website.
If you need guidance or help with the software, feel free to contact us

Link to CAD software: Autodesk Fusion 360

Link to CAD software tutorials: Autodesk tutorials

Link to CAD software tutorials: Youtube-tutorial

Last modified: 2022-03-09